Move an entire song up or down however many steps you need. Often cheaper than buying the whole song again and easy to avoid strange key signatures and accidentals.

Backing Tracks

.mp3 files of your accompaniment, with or without the melody. Perfect for learning your part quickly and rehearsing at a consistent and accurate tempo before an audition or performance.

Audition Cuts

Specify your desired measures for 8-, 16-, 32-, or 64-bar cuts of your audition song. Clear and concise for your accompanist, especially if your desired cut jumps around in a song.

The Audition Package

The best bang for your buck! Package includes your whole song in the key you need, concise 16- and 32-bar cuts, and backing tracks of every length with and without the melody.

*Every order is unique and therefore priced individually based on the specific modifications and time needed*

You should receive an email with your quote within 24 hours of submitting your order. In that email you will also receive a time by which your order should be delivered, usually within 24 hours of completing your payment (may be longer depending on the length and complexity of the order).

No orders will be delivered before payment is received.


Unlimited Options

Don’t see exactly what you need above? Don’t worry! The Transpository is an extremely flexible resource with a wide range of capabilities. Above are just a few of our most popular services, traditionally geared towards the needs of Musical Theatre students and performers. But we aim to serve any and all musicians and performers, both amateur and professional.

You can always request feedback or a consultation about improving your audition cuts or song choice.

Here’s some examples of the extra services we’ve been able to provide upon request:


  • Removing the melody from the accompaniment so that the piano doesn’t play your line
  • Adding key changes within a song to make for a more exciting ending
  • Creating rehearsal tracks at multiple tempos so you can learn at your speed
  • Creating melody tracks of just your line, even within a piece with multiple vocal parts, so you can hear and learn just your part
  • Changing lyrics within a piece so your instrumentalists don’t think you’ve gone rogue if you want to skip a verse
  • Improving the layout of your sheet music so your song can fit on fewer pages, meaning fewer page-turns for your accompanist
  • Changing the instrumentation and clef of a piece (i.e. if you want to change a vocal line to an instrumental line in the appropriate clef and key for that instrument)


Need to contact us with any other questions or inquiries?

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Be sure to attach all relevant PDFs and other files to help us evaluate your project and provide an accurate estimate!

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